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Better Than NCD


Zeolite takes detoxification to the next level. This powerful supplement its superior to NCD because it contains two powerful zeolite instead of one.

The Zeolites in D-Lite3 carry a negative (-) charge. Once in the body the negative charge (-) zeolites attract the postitive (+) charge toxins to flush them out the body. Each zeolite is activated by an exchange of ions passing through the body , cleansing and rinsing.  The toxins are then excreted thru urination and the remaining its excreted in the feces.  D-Lite3 Zeolite its completely excreted out the body after 8 hours of having taken the supplements.

The combination of the two Zeolites, Chabazite and Clinoptilotile are able to form a strong magnet to attract free radicals and toxins wherever blood flows in the body. The negative charge zeolites are micronized to small pieces (avg size 5 microns) for it to be able to penetrate deep in the cells.

Zeolite its  a revolutionary  supplement because of its detoxification power!

The Best Zeolite


Millions of years ago, zeolite deposits formed when volcanoes erupted high amounts of ash-alumin-silicates of alkaline and alkaline earth.  The ash fell into lake and other waters, the chemical reaction of volcanic ash and salt water resulted in the formation of natural Zeolite.

The alumina and Silica from the ash formed into a stable open three dimensional honey comb structure, that we know as zeolite. There are over 40 different natural zeolite structure for example  Cllinoptilolite (one of the two zeolite in Zeolites) that has a silica to alumina ratio of four to one.

Zeolite its an amazing crystalline mineral capable of adsorbing and absorbing different gasses and toxins, heavy metals, moisture, radioactive elements and  multiple substances.

Zeolites its the Best Zeolite supplement in the market because unlike NCD and any other zeolite supplement, it contains Two  Zeolites that are working towards cleansing and detoxifying the  body.